Amazon coming out with a $200. 7” tablet called the Kindle Fire.

It’s a full-featured Android tablet with hooks into Amazon’s Apple-like ecosystem. The Fire features a 7-inch multi-touch display running at 1024 x 600, comes with 8 GB of storage (which Amazon says is enough for 80 apps, plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books), and utilizes Wi-Fi (but not 3G) wireless networking. The Fire gets up to 8 hours of battery life on a charge and can fully recharge in 4 hours.




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Internet Kill Switch

Tell your senators to say “no” to the Internet #KillSwitch (via @freepress)

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Facebook Security

With many exploits on wireless networks that can, without your knowledge, easily get your facebook info and overtake your account, it is more important that ever that security is on everyone’s mind.
Now I know that most people have no idea what I am talking about but trust me this little tip is a good one.

Facebook is now rolling out this feature so if it isn’t there try again later.
– Goto ‘Account’ in the upper right hand corner of your facebook page,
– Click on ‘Account Settings’
– Click on ‘Account Security’
– Check the box   Secure Browsing (https) Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible
– Click   SAVE

Now when you visit you will be on a secure connection and snooping isn’t possible.
And that is your Best Bet!

Posted in Uncategorized Published Free Facebook for Kids book a non-profit group where parents, teens, educators, and experts discuss and learn about safe blogging and social networking, Published a Free PDF book ‘Facebook for Kids’.
“t’s designed to help you understand what Facebook is and how to use it safely. With it, you will be better informed and able to communicate with young Facebook users in your life more effectively. That’s important because 1) if something goes wrong, we want our children to come to us and 2) as the Internet becomes increasingly social and mobile, a parent’s guidance and support are ever more key to young people’s well-being in social media and technology. The guidebook is published in partnership with the iKeepSafe Coalition.”

FaceBook for Kids

FaceBook for Kids

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Nintendo warns young children should not use 3DS

NEW YORK (AP) — Nintendo Co. is warning parents of children under 6 that they should not let them play with the upcoming 3DS, the highly anticipated handheld gaming system that boasts 3-D technology without the need for special glasses.

There is concern that watching 3-D screens could potentially damage kids’ eyes.

In a statement, Nintendo of America spokesman Charlie Scibetta said Friday that parents should use the parental controls on the 3DS to restrict access to the system’s 3D mode. The 3DS goes on sale in February in Japan and in March in the U.S. and Europe.

Nintendo has not announced a price for the system in the U.S. In Japan it will cost 25,000 yen ($304).


Reprinted from the Associated Press via Yahoo News

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from our Family at VaiTech to your Families…Have a great 2011!

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Welcome to our New Site

Welcome, not only to our new website design but also to our new blog “Your Best Bet”.

So far I have been putting tips/tricks and news directly to facebook and that would send it to twitter. Now i will be posting new tips or Best Bets here on our newly designed home blog which will then duplicate to facebook and twitter. Please look around send us any thoughts good or bad, just don’t be to harsh 😉


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