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To do something well you have to enjoy doing it. To be the best at something, I'd say you have to love it, be passionate about doing it, embrace learning about it, appreciate why it works and always do your best to keep it looking like you're thoughtful or contemplative of every action you take with it. This DVD will show you how to draw the portrait from life. Anthony Ryder is one of today's most accomplished portrait painters who possesses an unparalleled knack for teaching as he's drawing and observing from life. Anthony will show you how to think about achieving accuracy in the likeness or resemblance of a portrait. You'll learn formatting of your drawing and subtle modifications from the very start to the conclusion of a portrait. Watch and listen as he shows you how to always keep focused on the important procedures of how to observe and refine until you reach your finished stage of a drawing.

I learned long ago that education is what you make of it. My advice is to love every minute of the learning process and always enjoy what you do. This way, no matter how much time and effort you put into refining your craft, it will never seem laborious to you. I think it is all too obvious that Mr. Ryder enjoys both, the teaching process as much as he loves to draw.

Federico Castelluccio Introduces Anthony Ryder and Geoffrey Holder delivers the foreword to this exceptional tutorial on how to draw the portrait because they believe in the poignancy of this instructional video on "Drawing the Portrait with Anthony Ryder".

Marco Cutrone - Founder of Cinema Dell' Arte



Drawing the Portrait with Anthony Ryder
*A Complete Video Course* on Anthony Ryder's Personal Techniques for Drawing the Portrait from life. *2- DVD Set*
Learn Anthony Ryder's Methods on The Envelope & Block-in and More
Tools of the Trade: What you'll need on basic drawing tools
Introduction by Federico Castelluccio
Foreword by Geoffrey Holder ~ A Cinema Dell' Arte Production

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